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Zen garden design

Zen garden design is an old Japanese garden, which is used by the monks to meditate and think they are so far the way back

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to the thirteenth century. Zen garden is designed for three-dimensional entity, the background and foreground to create depth.

Zen garden design ideasEach product includes a Zen garden design has a purpose. From the water, flowers, gates, bridges, and other similar devices, taking second garden feature the person using it contemplation. For example, water is a provider of life and can be included in the Zen Garden design in the form of a waterfall, fountain or a stream or pond.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about the subject:

“Zen garden is enclosed shallow sandpit containing sand, gravel, rocks, and occasionally grass or other natural elements. Karesansui The most important elements are the rocks and sand, the sea is a symbol of water, but the sand raked in patterns that suggest rippling water. Plants are much less important ( and sometimes non-existent) in many Karesansui gardens. Karesansui gardens are often, but not always, intended to be viewed from a single, seated perspective, and the stones are often related and named after various Chinese mountains. “


Zen garden design outdoorThe rocks create a dimension Zen garden design in such a way that they are one of the key factors, which may include. When it comes to the final design of the Zen garden, you will want to choose stones that are well worn, you can set the stones from larger to smaller front to back, and you can be sure that the color of the stone is a little uniform. The stones represent the time and energy, and that’s why you want to make sure that they are visible in your garden Enter the depth of the garden.


When you select the flowers Zen garden design, you can ensure that the flowers are appropriate climate you live in. You also want to make sure the colors compliment the other gardens. Zen garden design is about harmony and the wrong type of flower can wreak havoc on all your hard work.

Zen garden design indoor

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