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Wood retaining wall

Retaining walls, There are a number of main Wood retaining wall, which are used on a daily basis:

– Three store

– Concrete / preformed block to keep

– Stone preserve

All of these retaining walls can be used under the same conditions, but each has its limitations. But today I want to talk about three store

Wood retaining wall images1. Three retaining walls. These are the most basic building walls, and also one of the most versatile on the wall too. Every time you build a retaining wall look at the situation and the need for the use and soil Wood retaining wall type. You have to do this all the walls you can build and build each of the information you have on the wall.

The basic diagram of three retaining wall:

You have the wooden posts and three rails, which slow down the soil. Behind the rails need a perforated pipe to collect and drain all the water and wastewater metal to allow water to move behind the wall, and also keep the water away from the wall. This is very important to have adequate drainage behind the wall, because if you do, it could be cut down to build with water.

Wood retaining wall ideasThe materials used for wooden wall varies with the altitude and the use of the wall. Since the rule of thumb, we all have ways to keep the pillow away up to 1c, and also my of.075mm 20 MPa for structural concrete around the post. the smallest message can be used up to 1m high wall would be 125×125 h5-mail. And the whole rise from Wood retaining wall. In addition, the depth of the ground post should be the height of the ground should be the ground. Example: 1m high wall would have read posts from 1m to the ground. Now, if the same wall was to get the car on so it would be more posts and also carry a deeper message fee.

Rails can be almost anything you want, as long as they are properly ground, and a spa treatment for at least 3 posts. Proper care should be H4 – H6, depending on the use of the wall. Again, usually to build a wall level, and if the land behind the wall fell out, when you cut the top rails at the same slope, or you can go to your Wall post. Each rail is nailed to a post to keep still. We use 150×50 for the rails, so we use the 2x 90mm-100mm galvinised nails.

Wood retaining wall decor

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