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Wall mounted desk

If you want a quick way to add some character and style to any room, put on some wall-mounted shelves. There are some lovely Wall mounted desk available, and it is a relatively cheap way to make changes and add some valuable storage space to your home. Here are some of the latest styles to give you new ideas:

Wall mounted desk ideasWall mounted desk Style Solid Oak

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Shelves with Shaker Pegs is a really beautiful part of the storage shelves that would look great in your kitchen, bedroom or living room. It is made of ¾ “Red Oak and the color is deep and rich and very attractive., This three shelves measuring 24” and has some handy hooks below, where you can hang mugs or towels.

The wall-mounted rack is detailed angular edges and a simple straight pattern plate. This wood shelf should be the proper cups or mugs, photo frames, trophies and all kinds of decorative ornaments. You can buy a lot of wall shelves Dave Wood Products online and this style will pay $ 54.95, a range of lengths.

Wall mounted desk lampAnother beautiful Wall mounted desk is a modern style Solid Oak Wall Mounted Shelves and Rail Gallery. This shelf has a light shade, oak in the honey color, and has a scalloped rear plate and a continuous strip around the base to make it very decorative. 24 “size costs $ 44.95 if you are a very short space why not get some corner shelves to solve storage problems. Has plenty to choose from on this site.

If you want a sleek look for effective metal shelves in the kitchen, you can enjoy this Eagle Group Wall mount shelf. It is intended for use in the pantry shelves full kitchen and it is made of stainless steel. The dimensions are 12 “x 5” and this steel shelves will last forever. Bin is big enough to give you a great kitchen storage system and still leave everything easy to see and easy to pick up. You can buy Steel Wall-mounted shelves and online Kitchen $ 225

Wall mounted desk decorA great new piece of office equipment shelves are now available in the Sonoma Furniture Hutch Wall Mounted Shelf System Design. It is unusual in that it has an open back shelves inside the cabinet that resembles the top and bottom shelf, as well as vertical partitions of different sizes makes the cubby holes. It would be good to store books, folders, and disks.

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