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Visiting a bar is undeniably one of the best solutions when considering having a dinner and thus, finding a bar to have a dinner in is something anyone has to consider when it is about time to have a dinner outside of the house. Amongst the many bars you can find out there, one, especially if you are in Portland, you can consider visiting when considering having a dinner is thatch tiki bar. The bar, located in Portland, offers varying food menus and in addition, the bar also offers a unique design in which varying unique items are included in the bar making the bar an interesting place to have a dinner at. The unique items themselves can include, for example, puffer fish lamps hung on the bar’s ceiling.

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Aside from puffer fish lamps, there are many other unique items included in the bar design such as coconut mugs, as well as bamboo stalks that give you the sensation of visiting Bangkok when you sit on them. The bar, aside from including the said unique items also includes a sunken bar in the design giving those curious about how it feels to have a dinner in a sunken bar just what they want. Not only including a sunken bar, the things you can find in thatch tiki bar also include some stunning velvet paintings on some parts of the bar. Aside from the velvet paintings, the other things you can find in the tiki bar also include a number of big carved tikis.

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In addition to the carved tikis which are bigger that ones you find in many other tiki bars, the varying things you can find in the bar also include a private hut. The private hut is located in the back of the bar, a place you can get a lot of privacy when you have a dinner in the tiki bar. On top of including the said items in the design, the tiki bar, just like how its name sounds, has a large number of thatches making thatch tiki bar the tiki bar you can call a real tiki bar.

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