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Shabby chic shower curtains

Looking accents complements your home decor Shabby chic shower curtains decorating style? The answer is to use lace – old or new lace is an excellent choice because lace symbol of elegance and style. Tips lace your shabby chic home decorating ideas are:

* Lace curtain panels – This is a tried and true use of lace. Lace curtains allow light into the room, adding elegance. They can be tied back, hanging directly on the floor or hung straight and left in a “pool” on the floor.

Lace valances * – Lace valances can be used alone or in combination with lace panels. I spent a beautiful creamy lace hem with salmon-colored one “wood blinds two living room windows. They looked stylish as well as light and airy, and work perfectly with my shabby chic home decor style.

* Lace placemats or doilies – Use lace placemats for each table setting or as part of the focus of the table. Doilies are versatile and add a touch of style to any piece of furniture. My favorite is to use doilies to place them so that they hang around the edge of the shelf attractive, clean look.

* Lace-trimmed decorative pillows – lace pillows are a “must” is a shabby chic decorating. You can use your own appropriate pillows and add lace.

Shabby chic shower curtains ideas* Lace handkerchiefs – Browse antique shops, flea markets and vintage lace handkerchiefs. Shabby chic shower curtains can be used much the same as doilies as shabby chic home decor accessories.

* Lace – They can be used runners furniture and draped over furniture. I especially like the lace scarf or short lace panels draped over the steps of a small wall mounted coat rack or mug rack.

* Lace-trimmed linen – You and your guests will love sleeping in a lace-trimmed linen. Buy these or add lace themselves.

* Lace wrist pincushion – Yes, it is a lace wrist pin cushion – something for everyone! Do a search and you will find them.

Shabby chic shower curtains whiteThis should give you the motivation to begin shopping for Shabby chic shower curtains, and more lace! Be creative and have fun lace accessories for your shabby chic home decor.

Shabby chic shower curtains decor

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