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Mirrored closet doors

If you are looking for cabinet doors that are perfect for modern design of your room, consider Mirrored closet doors. There are many ideas for the dies. You can choose Chrome-tinted mirrors to add classiness to your room or beveled edges to give your door a decorative touch.

A major advantage of this type of door is it can double as a full-length dressing mirror. This means you do not need to buy a separate mirror hung on the wall or the back of your closet door. Are you going to give coverage to your wardrobe or linen closet at the same time, use the space, dressing area. Prices vary depending on the choice of hardware and finishes. Check out some of the offers from various online stores.

2200 Series Heavy-Duty Steel sliding door mirrors Laminate:

This port is designed to withstand the effects of constant use. The mirror is laminated with 24 gauge steel panel. You can install and adjust this cabinet door easily. Some of the standard features include nylon ball bearing roller system for the bottom one-inch height adjustment, safety-backed mirror with thickness of 3.0mm, polished chrome handles, mirrors edges polished chrome Mylar and top and

Spacesaver Overlay Closet Doors:

Mirrored closet doors ideasThis Mirrored closet doors is a combination of glass, wherein a frame of one or two swing design. You have the opportunity to choose a door set in decorative glass or mirror or dressing mirror attached to the back of each door. It is very easy to hang. The coverage gap eliminates the need for a door frame or a square cased hole.

Series 4400-Framed Mirror Bifold door or Panel System:

The quality of the door showed its superior design, which ensures a smooth, easy and quiet motion of the door and the smooth operation for years. It includes Arcadia Industries’ Fine Line bifold system that it claims to have this door one of the easiest work in industry. You have an option painted panels of heavy-duty applications such as mirror decorations or children’s room. Therefore, the door is an ideal substitute for, or an optional upgrade option programs. Some of the benefits that the door is barely visible to the mirror edges, lightly scaling non-standard ports and suitable for commercial applications because of their strength and durability. Mirror panel dimensions are 1/8 inch, 5/32 inch or 3/16 inch thickness. Mirror panels wardrobe application security glazed.

Series 4550 Aluminum, Sliding Mirror Door System:

Mirrored closet doors modernMirrored closet doors system offers a sleek design in your bedroom or area of your house, such as a pantry and a laundry room. It has excellent performance and superior anodized aluminum look. The surfaces are designed to respond to the window frames, interior design, finish hardware and bathroom fixtures enhance the modern look of the room. Anodized aluminum will last a long time, and no immediate chance of being boring, chipping or peeling. Anodized finish options include bronze, satin, gold, golden bronze,

Mirrored closet doors decor

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