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Laying ceramic tile

How to give a tile is an art you can learn. This article describes the basic steps to understand before tackling the Laying ceramic tile project.

There is nothing more beautiful and convenient floor than ceramic tiles. Tile kitchen, bathroom and entrance is the perfect choice. The same principles apply to walls, countertops or showers as well.


The base may be any of several materials, such as linoleum, concrete, tile, or old. It should be smooth, clean and a little stiff. The walls used backer board normally base.

Lay It Out.

Laying ceramic tile ideasLaying ceramic tile layout is based on the finding middle of the room. Closely how the tiles will run on walls or other obstructions.Place some of the tile on the floor how it’s going to work out. Then maybe the lines parallel and perpendicular to the walls of the reference marks.

Schedule for cutting tile, if necessary. You need a tile saw and pliers, preferably with a wet saw.


The adhesive or thin-set are mixed and applied to a small area at a time. This will prevent the glue to set up prematurely. Especially

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if you do some cutting and assembly, just mix a small amount.

Laying Ceramic Tile.

Laying ceramic tile interiorThin-set is applied with a spatula. Tile trowel ridges form a thin-set to use the correct amount of material. The chips are then added, paying close attention to the joints themselves. There is an art how to give the ceramic tiles. These Laying ceramic tile must be straight and flat!

Laying ceramic tile decor

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