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Koi pond design

Build your own Koi pond design can be a very rewarding experience! In addition to feeling the first feeling of achievement, you also know that you will create something of beauty, which gives years of enjoyment. Suppose you have decided to have a pond, probably the back yard, where a kind of fish in it. If you plan to do most or all of the work, this article is for you.

The first step is to do some planning. Where can you find a pond? You have to use the power of the pump and water close at hand from time to time over the dam. Do not place the branches and the branches above. You do not want leaves and branches fall into the pond. A nearby tree or two would be nice, because they can provide some partial shade, losing a lot of leaves in the pond.

Koi pond design ideasA few thought about location, it is very useful to understand the rope on the ground to understand what can be placed in the pond. You can see it from all angles and determine the appropriate size. If you are going to be a Goldfish, Comets, and Shubunkins, depth of 2-3 meters is sufficient. Koi pond design requires a depth of about 3 meters, and the legs 4-5 is even better. Think about how long and wide you want, and in what form the pond. Know that you can stand in line pond rubber material as

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it is excavated.

Digging a pond is the first challenge. Depending on the size of the pond, it will probably require heavy equipment. Do not worry! You might want to pull this out of the work, or it may be possible to rent a small backhoe for half a day and have a friend (or yourself) to use it to dig a pond. Check the power company to avoid problems in the first place, when you dig.

When the pond is dug, place the fish-safe materials. Ethylene-propylene-diene monomer (EPDM) synthetic liner is the best choice. It is available in pond supply places, and also companies that sell roofing materials. They are the widths of 25 or 50 feet! I’d rather not have any seams in my pond liner, so plan to the width and length wise, and allows the depth of the pond and the pond all the walls in calculating the size of the liner, and leave a little extra too.

Koi pond design picturesYou need a water pump circulates the water will Koi pond design filter and maybe a waterfall, and back to the pond. A biological filter is a must to keep fish in the pond. Ultraviolet (UV) is a very good investment for algae control. You will also need some hose to circulate the water through a closed loop.

Koi pond design construction

Koi pond design modern

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