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Floor plans for houses

It is still a wide range of homes for sale in almost all markets. One of the problems is that the properties have been listed among the many that are less than ideal layouts. Although the long-term homeowners can immediately identify layouts that are poorly designed, for the first time homebuyers may be less familiar. This can lead to mistakes they will regret years down the road.

In this sense, we take a closer look below more plans to avoid when looking at homes for sale. Each of the following configuration can be more difficult to sell your house in the coming years.

The dominant Dining Room

Floor plans for houses ideasThe houses, which forces people to go to the dining room in key areas of the Floor plans for houses is impractical. They also “feel” wrong. For example, someone comes to the house’s main entrance will be forced to go through the dining room to get access to the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The reason for this setup is uncertain, but it can – and probably will – make selling your home more difficult.

The inability to see other areas in great room

Floor plans for houses modernIf you are sitting in your living room, you should be able to see the rest of the house with one or more doors. For example, one doorway leading to the family room, a second opening in the Floor plans for houses and entrance. More you see, the more expansive the house looks like.

However, poor layout, which prevents this level of visibility of the large room. This has the opposite effect, so the house looks smaller.

Stairs Facing Front Entrance

Floor plans for houses decorMany Feng Shui enthusiasts, which is looking for floor plans that can accommodate a system of aesthetics. The front entrance of your home is called “Mouth of Chi.” It is through this opening that many believe the house receives its energy. When you face the entrance to the Floor plans for houses, the energy is believed to flow as soon as they are up, leaving the country without a feng shui energy. For this reason, those who are dedicated to the feng shui design is unlikely to buy a home in this feature.

Even for those who are new to feng shui, but the stairs seem jarring. If they are placed on the other side, the effect is minimized, but still less than ideal.

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