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Decorating ideas for small rooms

Decorating ideas for small rooms often challenge your creativity to decorate a bedroom ideal design. But you can still work given the space you have and take advantage of it. Here are some ideas on how to decorate a small bedroom.

1. Do not mix
This is not a suggestion, it’s a must. Scraps of paper, old bills, old magazines, children’s toys or other things that can clutter a bedroom should be removed or placed in their respective locations. Make this way. Fulfilling only restrict the already limited space.

Decorating ideas for small rooms 20122. Choosing the right furniture
Instead, use a wide and short dresser or wardrobe, choose a long and sleek furnishings few details and simple design. Besides saving space, to slim and tall models of furniture give the illusion of a more spacious room. To save more space, choose a queen-size bed instead of a king. It is best if you can get a bed that has storage space under the Decorating ideas for small rooms because the space normally wasted and just gather dust. Skip bedside and to compensate, you can install shelves on the wall to store things.

3. Keep all simple
In addition to furniture, you can achieve simplicity is a window decoration, bedding and flooring. Avoid heavy shapes, decorations and materials, and for selecting the location of light. Choose plain sheets of a pattern and light curtains that match the wall color. There is no need for richly detailed curtains. The blinds are a better alternative for a small bedroom. If they are essential, accessories should not be put inside the bedroom. Put them in a more spacious room.

4. Use a light color paint
Instead of using dark colors like purple, black or dark blue, painted on the wall of bright colors, such as sea green, soft pink or light blue. Lighter colors enhance the appearance of a large room.

Decorating ideas for small rooms interior5. Choose good lighting
For Decorating ideas for small rooms, you can choose any light except for floor lamps. Attach the lights on the wall to save space. Install the lamps by placing them near the bed, which adds the illusion of Huger room. Do not use harsh lights, lamps, soft and gentle light is preferred.

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